Protect Your Tesla

Q IS THE PREMIER TESLA SHOP IN THE NORTHEAST. CALL 781-691-9005 FOR A QUOTE.   So, you just picked up your new Tesla… Congrats! You may be wondering, “what can I do to keep my car in the newest condition possible?” The most critical first step is to avoid driving it anywhere without a Paint […]

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Tips for Protecting Your Car from Rock Chips

We live in New England, and the weather is only going to get worse for the rest of the year, so how do we protect against the regular rock chips and road debris we will face? We have two solutions:

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Why Nano-Ceramic is the Only Choice

Making smart investments in your vehicle means researching the options on the market. When choosing the perfect paint protection, nano-ceramic coatings are the only way to go. The experts at Q can’t force you to make the right decision, but we can tell you why it’s the only choice you should consider. Abrasion resistant With […]

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Why Wax Doesn’t Cut It

Working with the Q Complex line and our detailing services means you take car care seriously, and we don’t blame you. New England’s seasonal changes can make road conditions harsh, and that can impact our car’s exterior. For many, the standard detailing service they invest in might include a wax finish, and our team wants […]

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Q Will Be at Art of the Automobile

Working with other great professionals in the automotive industry inspires Q and our team to do and be better than we were before. On April 29, Q will be at the Art of the Automobile Spring 2017 Celebration of the Summer Car at Boston City Hall Plaza.

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3 Ways You Will Scratch Your Car This Winter

Q continues to be considered one of the best detailers in Boston, and we have new customers that schedule appointments during the winter months.

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Why We Love Exotic Cars

We can’t help ourselves when a beautiful model rolls up to our shop, and we can think of every reason in the book about why we love them.

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See Q Complex in Action

Ever since we posted a video of our Q Complex nano-ceramic coating on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, we’ve seen a lot of questions about our Q performance products.

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Dealing with Autumn Pollen

Our Q Complex nano-ceramic coatings are the next generation of ceramic coating technology, and is the perfect solution to avoiding scratches by pollen.

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Is Your Car Ready for Fall?

Because we drive our cars nearly every day, it can be hard to notice the subtle changes to the paint and the interior until it feels like it’s too late. Though we love the all that comes with summer, it can be pretty harmful to the look of our cars. Q’s detailing service near Boston […]

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