Q Complex Coatings


Q Complex Nano Ceramic Coatings

The next generation in ceramic coating technology and it’s exclusively offered at Q.

Leather, Wheel, Glass and Fabric Coatings also available.

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Ceramic coatings have become all the rage in the paint protection industry and continue to grow in popularity. After using and testing the majority of the products available on the market, Q has come up with the ultimate solution.

Our exclusive Q Complex coating came about after pursuing a higher performance ceramic than what was currently available. After rigorous testing including salt, acidic, alkaline, hardness, and gloss, we have reached our goal of offering what we believe to be the best nano-ceramic currently available, and are pleased to now offer Q Complex to all of our clientele!

With the number of benefits this Q performance product adds to your vehicle, the sky’s the limit. The increased hardness means less dirt retention and keeping your car cleaner, longer. Not to mention, it also creates a far more chemical-resistant sacrificial layer than any wax or sealant could ever offer.

We understand that seeing is believing, which is why Q offers a money back guarantee if it can be shown the product is not doing exactly what we claim.

Q Complex

1 Year of Protection and Shine

Price $695

Q Complex 2

2.5-3 Years of Protection and Shine

Starting at $895

Q Complex 3

5 Years of Protection

Gloss Enhancer Added

Includes Wheels and Side Glass

Starting at $1195


Complex Elite $1495

Q Complex Elite is a revolution in coating technology.

Through advanced silane chemistry, we have developed a catalyst coating that “locks” the reactive sites on the surface of the SiO2 coating.

Locking these reactive sites achieves gloss, slickness and scratch resistance never seen before in ANY product and we are proud to be the first to market.

After over a year of testing, we are excited to make this available.

This process requires a cure time of the bottom layer of approximately 24 hours before applying Elite.
It will truly blow your mind.

Why Q Complex?

With automotive manufacturers now only using water-based clear coats, paint is just not what it used to be. As a premier detailing service in Burlington that witnesses the impact this change has had on our vehicles, Q wanted to create a solution which would provide a nearly permanent clear coat that surpasses factory standards. With Complex 2 and Complex 3 applied and cured, the actual surface hardness increases by over 50%, moving from a 5-6H up to a 9H on the Mohs’ scale, the same test used to determine the hardness of concrete and other solids. Additionally, the coating is roughly 150x the thickness of any “car wax” available. This means preventing minor scratches and swirls in the paint and protecting your car's value. While the application process is not as “simple” as the other coatings on the market, we have found that a controlled application environment (dust free, correct temperature, and lighting) makes all the difference in quality, as does spending the extra time to ensure it is done right.

Q Complex is second to none, and we stand by that.

What to expect:

  • Extreme gloss, depth, and slickness
  • Easier maintenance with longer waits between exterior care
  • Scratch and marring resistance
  • Always has that “just waxed” look
  • Protection from environmental and industrial fallout
  • Bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, etc.

The Process

Q Complex involves a 2-4 step process versus the typical 1-2 of other coatings.

  1. After a thorough and complete surface decontamination, a 1-step paint correction with a micro-fine abrasive (Q Prime Polish) is applied via dual action (DA) polisher to create a perfect surface.
  2. Using a special solution comprised of a catalyst, which is a substance that increases the rate of chemical bonding to paint, our coating does not “sit on top” of your paint, but instead becomes a part of your car.
  3. Next is the application of the first ceramic, Complex. Using a unique process, the coating is professionally applied to the surface and allowed to “self-level” for 25-30 minutes. Inspections at 5-minute intervals ensure proper bonding and leveling.

If you opt for Q Complex 3, we are ready to apply the “top coat.” Complex 3 adds an additional sacrificial layer to the surface, but it’s main purpose is to add insane gloss and slickness. The products work in conjunction to provide warranty protection from the elements, light scratching, and make it significantly easier to clean your vehicle.

What separates Q Complex from the rest?

The approach taken in developing the product, and who it was carried out by. As the market has flooded with different coating “brands” today, it was important to test everything available and make improvements where possible, which resulted in our Q Complex formula. This is not another “off the shelf” coating with a different label on it. We’ve tried and tested them all, Q Complex is in a different league.

Engineered, manufactured, and tested in the US, Q Complex is a no compromise product created using only the finest materials available for not only the most amazing shine, but also ultimate durability.