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Protect Your Car’s Paint

Your car is essential for your daily life, and you should take pride in it. However, driving in New England can mean salt, dirt, and debris are building up on your car—and scratching the paint. How can you protect the paint so that your car looks good as new? Before the cold season hits, make […]

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People Are Freaking Out About Our Complex Video

When you are committed to providing superior car customization in MA, our products are bound to turn some heads. People can’t get enough of this video of our proprietary Complex Elite coating showing off its non-stick qualities with a bottle of water. 

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Vinyl Wraps at Q

Here at Q Car Care we are extremely excited to introduce a new service available to all of our valued customers, custom vinyl wraps available at our shop in Burlington Massachusetts. One of the easiest ways to change up the look of your car whilst protecting the original paint underneath is a vinyl wrap. Vinyl […]

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Customized XPEL Wraps

The crew at Q might seem like “all or nothing” kind of people. We get it. There are few shops out there that take paint protection, paint coatings, and car customization in MA as seriously as we do, and we want what’s best for your vehicle. Working with Automotive Elegance, we are able to offer quality clear […]

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What Is Self-Healing Paint Protection?

The team at Q loves telling our customers about how great it is to have a car wrapped in XPEL by Automotive Elegance at Q Car Care when you live around Boston, Massachusetts or New Hampshire.

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Why The Time for XPEL is Now

It’s no surprise that at the beginning of the spring season, customers come into Q looking for a professional XPEL install north of Boston, MA. We know that a lot of our car enthusiasts are taking their prize possessions out of the garage after a long winter, and the best way to prepare for the warmer months ahead is investing in a paint protection film that safeguards against these seasonal concerns.

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It’s National Car Care Month

It might be our favorite month of the year over at Q, and there is one big reason why. April is National Car Care Month, and we couldn’t come up with a better reason to invest in your vehicle and yourself. National Car Care Month promotes the importance of preventative maintenance, and our team can think of a few services we offer that do just that.

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Prepare for Spring with Q

At Q, we understand how eager you are to get back on the road, but we can think of 3 important reasons you should visit our shop for detailing and XPEL install near Boston.

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3 Ways to Sustain Your Cars Value

When you’re considered one of the best detail shops in MA, you get asked a lot of questions about how to preserve the value of a car.

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Reasons to Professionally Install a Clear Bra in MA

It’s a rare occasion, but every once in a while, Q will receive questions from a customer about buying XPEL in MA and if they can install the clear bra themselves.

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