Q brings technologically advanced high pressure steam washing to the Boston area – a method which allows an entire care to be cleaned with less than 2 gallons of water – a 90% savings over traditional methods. Steam is also used on the interior not only to gently clean, but sanitize. We specialize in auto detail, paint correction, ceramic coatings (Our own Patented Q Complex NanoCeramic coating!), window tint, and X-Pel protective film for your automobile.

Founded by 2 car guys with a passion for detailing , Q Car Care promises to offer the absolute best in washing, detailing, films, and coatings. We plan to revoulitionize the car wash process, using less than 3 gallons to clean an entire vehicle. Detailing is concours quality, and we only utilize the finest films and coatings. A shop to take your car to a whole new level.