Customized XPEL Wraps

The crew at Q might seem like “all or nothing” kind of people. We get it. There are few shops out there that take paint protection, paint coatings, and car customization in MA as seriously as we do, and we want what’s best for your vehicle. Working with Automotive Elegance, we are able to offer quality clear bra that rivals the best in the world. We love when our customers go all-out with us and get the best products we offer, but we also know that’s not always what you want or an option. For things like paint film protection, we offer different packages for our XPEL wraps.

Full Front – Most Popular

With the kick up from dirt, sand, rocks, and other debris, you’ll rest well knowing every inch of the front of your car is covered. This includes the front bumper, front fenders, mirrors, hood, and headlights.  Never worry about being stuck behind that dump truck again!

Partial Front – Value Option

A partial mask is an ideal way to safeguard against road damages that happen to the area of your car many say is impacted most, including your front bumper, partial, fenders, and mirrors.

Full Rear Bumper

You can never be too careful with your vehicle, and that includes the debris that can be kicked up under your tires. A full rear bumper mask can protect against additional damage.

Side Skirts

On top of the debris from the road, shoes and other dangers can leave scratches on your paint that are unsightly. A side skirt mask can help avoid problems in these areas.

Rear Bumper Strip

A little protection can go a long way, and a rear bumper strip is an ideal way to prevent scratches from those utilizing the trunk of your car.

Full Vehicle

If you want to make your entire vehicle entirely scratch proof, a full vehicle wrap is your answer. All of your paint is covered, and edges are wrapped where possible to promise and smooth and seamless finish. If it weren’t your car, you would never it was protected with XPEL.

Custom packages are also available, just ask. XPEL is one of the best paint films in the industry by protecting your surfaces without being visible. Whether you decide to go all or nothing or pick and choose which XPEL films you need in MA, the Automotive Elegance team at Q Car Care would be happy to install.

For more information or to book an appointment, call us today at (781) 691-9005.